Office Carpet Cleaning in Hunslet, Leeds

Office Carpet Cleaning in Hunslet Leeds by Squeak and Bubbles

Squeak and Bubbles were contacted in June to quote for office carpet cleaning in Hunslet, to be cleaned over 3 phases, allowing for complete decorating, maintenance, and removal of all furniture and equipment so we could reach all carpet tiled areas. The area covered two floors, around 5000 square feet, and the stairs.

Enjoy the video and read on to find out more about this particular clean in Hunslet!

When we arrived to pre-inspect the office carpets, there was a lot of fibre damage caused by office chair wheels creating circles. This is permanent damage, and cannot be fixed, except by replacing tiles. The carpet tiles had been down a number of years, and therefore showed signs of wear across the offices. All of this was related back to the managing director so he knew what to expect with our office carpet cleaning services.

Having office carpets cleaned over totally replacing the tiles is so much cheaper, and once furniture and chairs are back in the offices once cleaned, any fibre damage would not show up as much. The managing director thought this was the best option to have us clean the carpet tiles, over replacing them.

A few weeks ago we carried out phase 1, and this week we completed phases 2 and 3.

As we already mentioned, doing the clean in 3 phases allowed each workforce to return to work to clean carpets, and new decorations – a cleaner office equals a happier, more productive set of employees!

Did you know that Squeak and Bubbles can even treat office carpets for static? It’s a real issue for some offices with a lot of equipment such as computers, servers, and electrical points, even air conditioning!

Office staff may complain of bite like marks on their legs, or actually feeling the static. Some may say it’s like flea bites!

We use a special product to seal the carpet tiles and prevent further irritations.

Get in touch for more information about office carpet cleaning in Hunslet and across Leeds and Yorkshire, and remember, we don’t just clean carpets, we are happy to give free carpet cleaning advice.

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