Squeak and Bubbles professional chewing gum removal services Leeds, Sheffield, and Manchester

When it comes to our professional chewing gum removal Leeds, we strive to keep up with the latest technology and solutions, so our customers receive the best service and results every time. This is why we can boast great reviews and recommendations.

Most chewing gum removal companies Leeds use high pressure jet washers, which use harsh chemicals, sand, and a lot of water. Large vehicles parked up, paths or roads blocked, big machines, wires, hoses and excess water causes disruption to your business, members of the public, and can leave sand residue behind - What a health and safety nightmare!

Chewing Gum Removal Leeds Sheffield Manchester Squeak and Bubbles

Benefits of Squeak and Bubbles chewing gum removal Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester

Squeak and Bubbles chewing gum removal services use the latest mobile chewing gum removal machines, which eliminates the need for high pressure hoses, nasty chemicals and water spraying into unwanted spaces, making it perfect for working in both populated and busy areas.

Portable machines in a self-contained lightweight backpack enables access to any areas. Squeak and Bubbles can remove chewing gum from any surface quickly and safely from concrete, paving, stone, wood, tarmac, and more.

We only use eco-friendly and biodegradable detergents, so when removing even the toughest chewing gum, there is no effect on the environment, and no harsh smells!

A wad of gum can be removed in seconds - one cleaner can remove many pieces of gum per hour with no disruption to the public.

With no power source or water source needed, no loud noises, and using eco-friendly and biodegradable solutions, our operatives can work day or night, in busy areas, outside restaurants or offices, and more with minimum disruption, if any..

  • Local councils
  • Schools
  • Playgrounds
  • Private land owners
  • Shopping centres
  • Carparks
  • High streets
  • Parks
  • Business parks
  • Shop entrances
  • Commercial premises
  • Doctors surgeries and health centres
  • Hospital grounds
  • Public spaces
  • The list goes on!

Chewing gum removal Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester - What next, and where do you cover?

Squeak and Bubbles will undertake site visits to provide a free quote for the areas you require gum removal cleaning. Method and risk assessments will be provided where necessary.

We are fully insured with up to £5million public liability.

We cover all of Leeds and surrounding areas including Manchester and Sheffield. Depending on size of the chewing gum removal project, we are willing to travel further afield.

For more information about our gum removal Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester, please get in touch today.

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