Squeak and Bubbles communal area carpet cleaners based in Leeds, cover all of Yorkshire!
Why use Squeak and Bubbles for your communal block carpet cleaning?

Why use Squeak and Bubbles commercial block carpet cleaners Leeds?

Trained and experienced carpet cleaners

We are fully trained professional carpet cleaners, with over 15 years of knowledge and experience. Certified by Clean Smart.

Trusted by the whole community

We are fully insured up to £5million (including items worked on) and DBS checked for your peace of mind. You can trust us in your home or workplace.

Family run, Leeds locals

We're not a franchise! We don't subcontract work out. This means a more personal service from start to finish. Call the professionals for local, friendly, & honest advice. We care!

Health and safety compliant

We take health and safety seriously - From our own health and safety policy, to providing site-specific RAMS where necessary. Our equipment is PAT tested annually. We don't start any domestic or commercial works until we have carried out a risk assessment.

Communal block carpet cleaners in Leeds

For over 15 years, Squeak and Bubbles have come fully equipped to clean both small communal block carpets up to large communal areas across multiple buildings. We cover Leeds, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, and across Yorkshire such as Harrogate, York, Sheffield, Nottingham, Doncaster, even Manchester and Newcastle.

We also undertake commercial upholstery cleaning, and safety floor cleaning of which we can complete together as a package or as separate services.

We are flexible to clean your communal area or apartment block carpets at a time to suit you and your residents. This can be during the day when residents are usually out at work, out of office hours, on an evening, or at a time when there's low traffic in the communal areas. Our low moisture carpet cleaning machines are very quiet, keeping noise to a minimum in residential areas.

Schedule in your Leeds communal block carpet cleaners today. Or, read our carpet cleaning FAQ's below for more information.

Squeak and Bubbles have come fully equipped to clean both small communal block carpets up to large communal areas across multiple buildings
Squeak and Bubbles professional apartment block carpet cleaning Leeds
Squeak and Bubbles Reviews

Let's not take our word for it. Here's what our customers are saying.

We get a lot of positive feedback from our communal block carpet cleaning customers.

"Squeak & Bubbles have never disappointed on the numerous occasions I have booked them. Darren is a great guy & he & his partner left my property very fresh & clean. The tenant was delighted. I have already booked him for next year."

Squeak and Bubbles

Jacqui Morrison

Leeds landlord

"My lounge carpet, stairs and landing looking and feeling like new again. These carpets were well overdue for cleaning Darran was on time, professional and cheerful. It's the second time he worked miracles on my carpets and in the future will be the only firm I will have for this."

Squeak and Bubbles

G Nahum

Residential customer

"Really approachable company to deal with, very honest with the expectations of getting our function room carpet clean. Came out very early morning just to accommodate our needs. Did a brilliant job, not expensive at all for the service we received."

Squeak and Bubbles

West Riding FA


"Our company used Squeak & Bubbles to clean two of our large housing complexes. The communal carpets had not been cleaned for a number of years and we thought some areas may not be able to be cleaned. However all areas looked remarkably better after the cleaning. I would thoroughly recommend this company."

Squeak and Bubbles

Mr Callon

Commercial customer

Communal area carpet cleaning across Yorkshire with Squeak and Bubbles Leeds

Communal area carpet cleaning

Squeak and Bubbles have the ability to deliver both hot water extraction carpet cleaning or low moisture carpet cleaning - both with quick drying times. This is because we always invest in the most up to date and professional commercial carpet cleaning machines, which are regularly maintained and PAT tested. The solutions we use are developed for each specific type of carpet and flooring, and cleaning methods.

Each carpet cleaning method has its benefits and we will be able to advise which will suit your needs. Any problem areas and stains or heavy carpet wear are pointed out, and expected results are discussed prior to quoting and commencing any work.

All communal area carpets are thoroughly vacuumed on the day, before we begin our clean. Water can be provided if there is no access on site. However, electric points will be required.

Whatever the size of the job, we always conduct a thorough survey and risk assessment (which can be provided when required) and ensure health and safety is a priority. Safety warning signs are used throughout the building, and we recommend all tenants are individually notified well in advance of our arrival.

The best way to get an accurate quote is to book a site visit with our experienced carpet cleaners, or telephone or email us with as much information as possible. We can then provide a free quote. If you cannot meet us personally, we can meet with a designated representative on site.

Want to watch us apartment block carpet cleaning in Leeds?

Watch us at work apartment block carpet cleaning in Leeds and surrounding areas. Want to see some mouthwatering before and after transformations, and keep up with the latest Squeak and Bubbles news?
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Low moisture carpet cleaning and hot water extraction

Why use a professional communal block carpet cleaner?

You may be tempted to use a DIY or hired cleaning machine to cuts costs, but without the knowledge and training, you can leave too much water and chemicals in the carpet which then causes mould, staining, shrinkage and buckling of carpeting! Sometimes leaving a foul smell whilst taking weeks to dry out.

We are always learning and tweaking our process to provide the best cleaning methods. We have invested in a range of professional machines capable of cleaning small areas to vast expanses of communal area carpets and flooring. Our fully trained team is ready to tackle your carpets and safety flooring, so get in touch for a free quote!

Low moisture apartment block carpet cleaning

Squeak and Bubbles specialize in low moisture communal block carpet cleaning in Leeds, and across Yorkshire. Our professional encapsulation carpet cleaning machines are perfect for most communal area carpets. The biggest benefits of using low moisture communal block carpet cleaning methods is quick drying times and less noise disruption. For apartment blocks that are occupied 24/7, quick drying time and minimum sound is a necessity. We can move through your apartment block faster, and with a smaller footprint meaning minimal disruption, if any at all. We can cover large areas in quicker time.

Hot water extraction communal area carpet cleaners

The other carpet cleaning method we use is hot water extraction, also called steam carpet cleaning. You see the steam because the water can be heated up to 110 degrees.

Our hot water extraction communal block carpet cleaners remove deep down dirt, odours, and bacteria. The machine pumps hot water and appropriate cleaning solutions deep into the carpet fibres, and is then extracted back out along with the dirt and allergens by the powerful suction vacuums into the machine’s dirt tank. 90% of the moisture is taken out, and will dry within hours. Your carpets and safety flooring are then left ph neutral, and clean again. We always love to show you the dirty water!

Book your apartment block carpet cleaners today!

Call: 07891 080 692 or email us: info@squeakandbubbles.co.uk

Squeak and Bubbles where do we cover?

Where do we cover?

We do communal block carpet cleaning in Leeds and surrounding areas such as Wakefield, West Yorkshire, and across Yorkshire such as Harrogate, York, Sheffield, Nottingham, Doncaster, even Manchester and Newcastle for larger/regular contracts. Give Squeak and Bubbles a call if you can't see your area!

Adel, Alwoodley, Armley, Austhorpe, Beckett Park, Beeston, Belle Isle, Blenheim, Bramley, Bramstan, Burmantofts, Buslingthorpe, Burley, Chapel Allerton, Chapeltown, City Centre, Colton, Cookridge, Cross Flatts, Cross Gates, Cross Green, Farnley, Gipton, Gledhow, Harehills, Hawksworth, Headingley, Holbeck, Holt Park, Hunslet, Hyde Park, Ireland Wood, Killingbeck, Kirkstall, Lawnswood, Little London, Meanwood, Middleton, Moor Allerton, Moor Grange, Moorside, Moortown, Oakwood, Osmondthorpe, Potternewton, Quarry Hill, Richmond Hill, Rodley, Roundhay, Scott Hall, Seacroft, Shadwell, Sheepscar, Swarcliffe, Swinnow, Temple Newsam, Tinshill, Weetwood, West Park, Whinmoor, Whitkirk, Woodhouse, Wortley, and Wykebeck. LS1, LS2, LS3, LS4, LS5, LS6, LS7, LS8, LS9, LS10, LS11, LS12, LS13, LS14, LS15, LS16, LS17, LS18, LS19, LS20, LS22, LS23, LS24, LS25, LS26, LS27, LS28

Frequently asked questions

We know you just want your apartment block carpets cleaning, but we have a few frequently asked questions for you to familiarize yourself with.

We also want to be sure we are the right cleaning company for you, and that the clean will run smoothly on the day!

We require a continual supply of electric from various separate power points on the same floor to clean your property. This must be in place before we arrive on site to clean. This is non-negotiable. If you think this will not be possible, please let us know when we are first quoting the works and we can work from there.
We do carry a supply of water onboard our vehicle, but in the event your building is for example a block in the centre of town, water would be required on site. We generally ask you for this information when quoting, but let us know if you think this could be a problem!

Squeak and Bubbles requires a designated parking space for the duration of a clean.
Normally, most of our customers have a designated parking space or provide a visitor permit badge for the day. If this is not possible, there may be an additional charge.
It is important for us to be able to park as close to the property/building as possible so we can carry our materials and machinery. The sooner we are notified of the need for us to arrange parking, the more time we have to locate and pre-book a bay/space with Leeds City Council for example.
We reserve the right to cancel works if parking facilities have not been pre-arranged before we arrive. We will also not park on privately owned land or car park unless we have explicit permission to park within a designated space.

It all depends on if the fibres are permanently stained, and how much liquid has soaked through to the backing as to whether a stain can be removed fully. And we don’t know this until we have made an attempt. Therefore unfortunately we cannot guarantee stain removal – no professionally trained carpet cleaner should guarantee stain removal.
What we can guarantee that all the dirt will be taken out of your carpets, and we love to show you the dirty water at the end!
We always give you advice and expected results before any work is started. If you have inherited your carpets when you moved in to your office/property, we do not know what lies in your carpets, such as stains which have been treated with stain removers (eg: Vanish) in the past, that may re-appear during our cleaning process, which is out of our control and therefore we are not responsible if this occurs.
When a client accidentally spills liquid, the liquid not only sits on top of the carpet fibres and can permanently stain them but, if they cannot blot and absorb as much liquid up as possible and as quickly as they can, the liquid sinks down the fibres and into the backing material of the carpet, and can also sink deeper on to the floor underneath. The liquid then has nowhere to go and sits there until it dries out or goes mouldy – what a thought!
Admit it, spills are inevitable, we all do it even if we have the best of intentions. A customer can’t put the onus on a carpet cleaner to remove a stain they caused, when the carpet cleaner explains fully why they cannot guarantee to remove it.
After we attempt stain removal using the professionally advised methods, and while the carpet is then drying, the stain can ‘wick back’ meaning it starts to lift up from the backing and up the fibres to the surface again.
It all depends on if the fibres are permanently stained, and how much liquid has soaked through, as to whether a stain can be removed fully. And we don’t know this until we have made an attempt. Therefore unfortunately, as already stated, we cannot guarantee stain removal – no professionally trained carpet cleaner should guarantee stain removal.

If possible, remove as many items from the flooring as possible. We want to be able to reach as much of your carpeting as we can for the best clean! We recommend notifying tenants in good time so they can remove doormats for example.
We do not move large items of furniture for health and safety reasons. Heavy items remaining on site will be cleaned around and underneath where possible.
We will always advise when quoting and before starting any works on site.

Carpets take between 1-4 hours to dry depending on ventilation, the weather, and if the fibres are synthetic or natural (for example wool holds on to moisture therefore taking longer to dry).
We recommend, in most cases, trying not to allow use for up to 6 hours if possible to ensure the carpets are thoroughly dry, and then you can replace furniture and use as normal once again. If carpets are used heavily before dry, they will become dirty again much more quickly.

Squeak and Bubbles are licensed to treat all textile insect pests such as fleas and moths. We offer flea/insect treatment, but this is an extra cost, and you must inform us before-hand if you require this. It may be we have to carry out a treatment at the property in the days before carrying out a deep clean. However using our training and experience we always carry out a full survey before starting any extra treatments.
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