Frequently Asked Questions. What You Need To Know

On this page we have answered the most popular questions relating to our carpet cleaning, and end of tenancy cleaning services. If you have any further questions feel free to ask!

General Questions

What does DBS checked mean?

Each member of our staff has been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau (now called DBS) and holds a certificate to assure you that they do not have a criminal record, including convictions relating to children or vulnerable adults. We can safely work around children, vulnerable people, in care homes and more.

Carpet Cleaning

Do you clean both commercial and domestic carpets?

Yes! We undertake both domestic and commercial carpet cleaning.

How does your system work?

We only use modern professional carpet cleaning machines. Our machines clean up to 400psi, and up to 120℃ of high heat, allowing us to kill off carpet bacteria and give your carpets a deep clean. Our carpet machines are fitted with a twin 6.6 vacuum system, which immediately and powerfully extract the dirt out from deep inside carpet fibres. Due to the high power of our machines, your carpets dry within a few hours. We never over-wet your carpets, or use harsh carpet cleaning chemicals, especially on wool carpets.

Do all stains come out of the carpets?

We cannot guarantee every stain will come out of your carpet, but we always try our best! The hot water extraction method is the best method for removing stains, ground in dirt, and odours. Even tough to remove stains like wine, chocolate, mud or remains of pet deposits can be removed. We always give you advice and expected results before any work is started.

Do I need to vacuum the carpet before you arrive?

For optimal results, your carpets should be free of loose dirt and debris, so if possible, please vacuum the carpet in time for our arrival.

Should we move anything out of the room ready for the carpets to be cleaned?

It is helpful to remove as much as possible from designated rooms. For health and safety reasons we may choose not move heavy furniture such as sofas, cabinets, tables and heavy beds. You can leave these items in place if you prefer, but the carpet cleaner will only clean around the items left in rooms. We try our best to thoroughly reach every area of your carpet.

How long will it take for our carpets to dry?

Your carpets are cleaned right down to their base but because most of the water is then quickly extracted your carpets are left around 80% dry. Depending on factors such as the time of year, ventilation and heat in the property, carpets will usually take between 2 to 3 hours to completely dry.

Will my carpet SMELL during or after the cleaning process?

Especially if your carpet is 100% wool, or wool mixed with man made fibres, it may smell during and after our cleaning process. This is normal and will disappear between 1-5 days (usually in a couple of days). Keep the area as aired as possible and DO NOT be tempted to put any powders, perfumes, or chemicals on top of your carpet, for example 'Shake n Vac'.

Can you clean a rug?

We clean most kinds of rugs. Once we know the fibre and pile of the rug, we can advise you on the best method of cleaning. Rugs such as sheepskin and some of the modern, long piled rugs are best taken to the dry cleaners. They can clean them without agitating the fibres.

Do you clean staircases?

We clean staircases, hallways, bedrooms, and more. In fact wherever you have a carpet we can clean it!

Pre/End of Tenancy Cleaning

I have belongings in, and/or live in the property is this ok?

No. For our cleans to be passed by your agent, and for our deposit guarantee to remain valid, you must have fully vacated with no belongings left inside the property. For pre-tenancy cleaning, we still prefer the property to be as empty as possible for you to receive the through deep cleaning service we provide. If you have questions in relation to this, please inform us as soon as possible during the quotation process so we can advise as best we can.

What's included in your pre/end of tenancy cleans?

All our work is fully guaranteed and takes one full day to complete.
All our cleaning work is carried out in-house. We do not sub any of our work out!
Remember we are fully insured (£5 million public liability and for items worked on), and DBS checked.
You can see some of our work through our Facebook page

What do you clean?

Our pre/end of tenancy cleaning service is a full deep clean of your property. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Inside windows (if reachable)
  • uPVC inside frames cleaned
  • Carpets vacuumed then shampooed with our professional cleaning machines (not DIY or hired machines)
  • Oven, hob, and extractor deep cleaned
  • All kitchen appliances (such as microwave, fridge freezer, dishwasher), work surfaces, cupboards inside and outside
  • Kitchen tiling and splashbacks wiped down and polished
  • Internal doors and jambs wiped down
  • Skirting boards wiped down
  • Light shades and surfaces dusted
  • Sockets and light switches wiped down
  • Ceiling and wall cobwebs removed
  • All bathrooms and/or en-suites deep cleaned including tiled areas
  • All other rooms such as the living room, dining room, bedrooms, utility room etc fully cleaned

Flea treatment and insecticide

We can also offer flea/insect treatment (this is extra, and you must inform us before-hand if you require this)

Mould on bath or sink sealant

While we endeavour to remove mould from bath and sink sealant, sometimes full removal will not be achievable.

Kitchen crockery, glassware, cookware, plates, mugs

All kitchen crockery, glassware, cookware, plates, mugs and similar will not be cleaned.

Fridge freezers

Fridge freezers must be switched off and defrosted the day before our arrival.

General cleaning service - light cleans

Squeak and Bubbles does not offer a light cleaning service or maid type of cleaning. We only specialise in full deep cleans when vacating your property, or before moving into a property.

There's furniture or items to be trashed in the property - Can you do this?

If you require furniture or rubbish to be removed from a property before a deep clean you must inform us before we give you a quote, so we can factor in the costs of skip hire, and extra time to do this.

Will you clean my walls and ceilings?

We do not wash down full walls or ceilings.
Scuff marks, food spills and similar will be wiped down. If you require a painter and decorator, we can put you in touch with a local team who can help you!

What do I need to tell you for an accurate quote?

  • What type of property you have, such as house or apartment
  • Where your property is located so we can factor in parking arrangements and costs
  • How many bedrooms you have
  • What areas are carpeted
  • What type of oven you have eg: single, double, range oven
  • How many bathrooms or en-suites there are
  • If the property requires furniture or items trashed before-hand

I don't have any carpets or want my carpets to be cleaned, so will the cost be cheaper?

In short, no. Our carpet cleaning services is an added bonus for those who choose our end of tenancy cleaning service. Be assured though, you receive exactly the same high quality carpet cleaning service as those who pay us specifically for carpet cleaning!

How do I pay?

Please see our payment page for details on how to pay us.

I need a receipt to show my landlord..

We always provide a receipt/invoice and business card as proof of the clean for your records and to show your landlord or agent.

I am a landlord, letting agent, or property management company

We already carry out regular cleaning work for a number of local landlords, agents and property companies. For a free quote please don't hesitate to contact us!