Carpet Cleaners in Headingley, Leeds

Squeak and Bubbles Carpet Cleaners in Headingley, Leeds

Industry leaders, Squeak and Bubbles carpet cleaners in Headingley melt the dirt away in this beige carpeted town house.

On this domestic job, you can see the dirt lifting out of the synthetic carpets as we go over them. They’d been laid when the house was first built, and our customers were the second owners. They cleaned up so well! A few stains remained, but this was because the resident used dreaded stain remover she’d bought from the supermarket!

Stains – Will DIY treatments save you money?

Realistically, stains should be extracted out of a carpet as soon as possible after a spillage. Unless you have a machine that can do this, you will probably blot out the stain with towels or tissue paper. We normally advise keeping the stain damp until we come and assess and clean it up for you with our powerful machine, and appropriate solutions if necessary.

We don’t really advise using home remedies to treat stains such as vinegar, soda water, bleach, or similar. This is because if you’re not extracting out the liquid, the stain and liquid is being pushed further into the fibres, spreading out, and often damaging, bleaching, or permanently re-colouring the fibres. This is of course more noticeable on lighter carpets!

Supermarket bought stain removal solutions/foams/sprays can easily bleach the fibres of your carpet and again, if not extracted out, will damage the carpet fibres, often leaving you with a light patch or ring around the area you treated. These products are not made for each specific carpet fibre, and if used on wool carpets, can be an expensive mistake! You may also find the carpet is left feeling hard and crispy, even sticky, causing a build up of dirt across that area over time.

Why choose Squeak and Bubbles carpet cleaners in Headingley?

When we treat your stains, a pre-spray of special specific solution will be applied, then rinsed and extracted out thoroughly with only water and an acid rinse to leave the carpet fibres as they were manufactured, and safe for you and your children and pets. An air mover machine will be left nearby to advance the drying time.

If a shop bought stain remover had previously been used before we arrive and clean up, you may still have a lighter area left on your carpets. We can thoroughly deep clean your carpets, but we cannot fix damage caused by DIY products!

Squeak and Bubbles always advises its customers of expected results prior to carrying out any cleaning works, and are completely honest when doing so. No professionally trained carpet cleaner will ever guarantee to remove stains or damage.

Feel free to get in touch with us for friendly and honest advice about your carpets.

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