Communal Block Carpet Cleaning in Sheffield

Communal carpet cleaning in Sheffield with Squeak and Bubbles

We’ve been communal block carpet cleaning in Sheffield this week. A large block of apartments with plenty of well used corridor carpets and communal areas such as stairways and entrances to elevators, and other communal services such as rubbish collection rooms.

As usual, we have made a video compilation of the day spent in Sheffield! You can watch it on our Youtube channel, or see us in action below.

Regular maintenance and upkeep preserves the lifespan and health of any property. Communal area carpets take a large amount of wear every single day. Dirt is brought in on shoes, bicycle wheels, spills occur from leaking rubbish bags and suchlike. These spaces are not one tenant’s responsibility, so the level of consideration for the upkeep of these areas is low on people’s priority list!

Some apartment blocks have CCTV, and some of our clients have shown us footage of tenants dragging items such as suitcases on broken wheels along corridors, leaving long score marks on the carpets, which cannot be removed. This is permanent damage! Squeak and Bubbles can clean and bring out the best in your communal carpets, but we cannot fix damaged fibres.

Communal block carpet cleaning. What is a communal area?

A communal block would be for example, an apartment block with areas such as corridors that all tenants use to move around the building. Communal areas are also found in care homes, assisted or supported living facilities, and also in commercial buildings which house multiple offices. Some offices share corridors, stairwells, and facilities such as toilets, shower rooms, kitchens and meeting rooms. Most of these areas are carpeted, and, as mentioned before, have a lot of footfall and activity on a daily basis.

We want to ensure your shared areas remain as clean as possible! Our services are available for small to large property management and facility companies, maintenance companies, construction companies, landlords, housing associations, and large commercial block management companies.

Remember to get in touch if you’d like more information or advice about communal block carpet cleaning in Sheffield, or across Yorkshire. We’re happy to help!

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