Dirty Carpets Cleaned by Squeak and Bubbles Carpet Cleaners in Leeds & Wakefield

Carpet Cleaners in Leeds and Wakefield with Squeak and Bubbles

Once upon a time lived some pretty filthy carpets. Then Squeak and Bubbles carpet cleaners in Leeds and Wakefield got to work on them!

Many customers tell us they don’t realise how dirty their carpets look until they see the dirt being extracted out by us. Especially when the original colour appears from underneath!

Our Youtube video below showcases one particular example of this. We removed a few years of traffic created by home improvement dust, several young children, and a new puppy. Enjoy!

Our professional machines clean carpets up to 120c of heat, killing off carpet bacteria, and giving your carpets a real deep down clean. With the capacity of up to 400psi, we have the power to clean and extract water from any kind of carpet – no matter how dirty. Drying times are around 2 to 4 hours.

We don’t recommend DIY carpet cleaning machines.

This is because you will most likely only remove the top layer of dirt from your carpets.

You’ll think oh great the carpets look better and I saved money, and then a week later, they look the same again.

You then say to yourself, I’ll go over them again. They seem ok.

Job done, you think.

Then they don’t dry.

Days go by and an awful smell accumulates, oh no!

You use the machine to clean them again thinking this will clean them and get rid of the weird smell for sure.

It gets worse, and they still won’t dry!

That’s it, you’ve ruined them, you decide.

Squeak and Bubbles carpet cleaners in Leeds and Wakefield get a lot of calls from people who tell us the same story. And it is almost always because a DIY machine does not have the adequate suction power to extract enough dirt and water from your carpets correctly. This leads to the operator over-wetting the carpet thinking they’re cleaning it more and more, but it’s just going to create damp carpets which then smell mouldy, and can even shrink. Before we can come and rectify the issue, you must allow the carpets to dry out completely until the smell is gone.

Some carpet cleaners also use these types of machines, and will charge you peanuts to clean all your carpets. You will probably regret paying peanuts to a carpet cleaner like this!

As explained earlier in the post, Squeak and Bubble’s machines are professional and powerful, and manufactured to do the job correctly! Add to this our training, knowledge, and 13 years experience, you’re in the right hands. We always give an honest appraisal when we arrive before carrying out any works, so you know exactly what to expect while we are cleaning at your home, and the results afterwards. We are fully insured including items worked on, and DBS checked for your peace of mind.

If you’d like some honest and friendly advice about your carpets, please feel free to get in touch with us, and we’ll see how we can help you. We cover all of Leeds and Wakefield.

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